Evinced named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2023
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Accessibility at scale

Coding for maximum reach doesn’t have to be painful or slow. Meet the only solution that automatically finds, clusters, and tracks accessibility problems, even ones that used to require manual audits to find. From securely inside your development workflow. Across all your websites and mobile apps.

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Find More Bugs

Tech that sees, not just reads

Other accessibility tools just read your code and look for what amounts to grammar problems in your html and css. But we use AI and machine learning to see each screen the way a sighted human would. That lets us find whole classes of critical problems that no other tool can. And without adding audit costs.

Get Organized

Cut the clutter.

Typical accessibility tools can find hundreds or even thousands of issues in a single project. But only Evinced classes, clusters, and prioritizes all those issues into common coding problems. So your teams can work smarter, instead of getting buried by bug reports.

Stay In Control

Lifecycle tracking for issues

Only Evinced has a continuous view of the accessibility issues it finds. For example, the color contrast problem we found in your first scan won’t be reported as a new issue after subsequent scans, if it’s still unresolved. And when you do get it fixed, we can show you how long it took.

Easy Integration

An end to install hassles

We’re a snap any way you choose to put us in your pipeline. Integrate with existing automated testing systems, whether they're web (Selenium, Cypress, WebdriverIO etc.) or mobile (XCUITest, Espresso, Appium). All so your team can avoid catching bugs when it’s too late — during an audit.

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