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Stay In Control

Know which issues are new.

Every issue flagged by Evinced is assigned a unique ID. If you run another scan next week, and the issue it still there, it doesn’t get added to your total list of issues — we simply note that it’s an existing issue and tally appropriately. We can even let you automatically fail a build if there are new bugs vs. baseline.

No other automated solution can even tell you which issues in a scan are new.

That’s control. That’s Evinced.

Track progress, to make progress.

Evinced can automatically track not just new issues, but resolutions as well, and that means we can track resolve times by both severity, type of problem, and even component. This can all be presented at a top level view for the big picture, or as a drilldown into a specific issue or component that needs attention. So Evinced tracks your work, even if you never export to a dedicated work tracking system like JIRA.

“[Evinced is] the only major player in the space that can answer the question, “What changed since last time?”

Dir. Digital Accessibility, Fortune 100 Tech Company

More ways to stay in control

Trends by severity

There’s a big difference between critical issues and minor ones, since many minor issues can be automatically overcome by the latest assistive technologies. So Evinced lets you track trends by severity (and over time). And as we typically catch 26X more critical bugs than traditional tools, that puts your whole accessibility effort in the know.

Critical issues per page

Many of our customers have substantial web presences that amount to thousands of pages. Evinced can easily track critical issues per page, and update the tallies and trends automatically as the number of pages in a project changes.

Compliance reporting

Evinced has the most robust, actionable reporting of any automated accessibility tool. We can automatically provide data like progress against backlog, overall aging, and time to resolution information for any set of issues you choose.

Heard enough?