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Our Technology

A step beyond the usual

The Challenge

Accessibility testing has been too difficult

In the past, existing accessibility tools have found both too few problems, and too many! On the one hand, they don't detect enough issues, leaving a large number that rely on manual testing. At the same time, the issues they do find are full of false positives and duplicates, and reporting provides no real insight as to which issues to fix in which order. Evinced's technology turns all this around.

Why traditional tools are not enough

Traditional tools rely on static syntax checking. That might work in cases where everything in a site's html is properly declared. But many websites rely on visual UI paradigms, rather than semantic code, and so cannot be read programmatically.

Consider this piece of code, an imaginary Subscribe button: tech_1.svg

A traditional static syntax check would find no problem here, because traditional tools wouldn't understand that this is even supposed to be a button. But Evinced has the capability to understand what the code is trying to do, even it's not properly declared. That means we can flag this code automatically — as an attempted button — and report that this code is not accessible to a keyboard or a screen reader: tech_2.svg

Core detection technology

Powerful technology analyzes the UI/UX of a website or web application to automatically detect an average of 19 times more critical accessibility issues compared to legacy solutions.

Actionable analytics

Evinced's reporting tools are designed to cut through the noise and point a development team in the direction of fixing the most important problems first.

Heard enough?